Half An Hour Weight Loss – 30 Min Home Workout To Burn Fat

If you only have half an hour available everyday and you want a good and effective workout to help you lose weight at home – then this routine is for you!

This workout contains simple bodyweight exercises that doesn’t require much space or additional equipment.

Just press play, and start the workout! The trainer will count the reps for you and show you how to do the exercise, and what exercise follows next!

Good luck and leave me a comment below, tell me if it’s easy or hard for you!

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24 Responses

  1. 100 likes and ill loose 100 pounds (I'm not gonna post)

  2. you guys should really try out this workout! deadass i couldnt do pushups but now its getting easy

  3. Mahlet H says:

    Can u guys like this to give me motivation!!😭 I’m tryna get my summer body right, every like equals a day

  4. I love doing these workouts at home after the gym 🙂 Thank you!

  5. I've lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks thank you so much you're the best!!!!… I want to ask can I eat oatmeal as breakfast because I am on a high protein diet and I'm doing this workout every day want cut 10 pounds more

  6. I stopped at 13th min.. will increase daily one min more..


  8. Ramus says:

    Thanks though i got passed only to 21:13 but still worth it! 😁

  9. Hello I have do it everyday? Have done it for 2 days.. it is 7/7?

  10. Hani Supari says:

    How many calories will this burn?


  12. start: 4/9/19 end: 5/10/19

  13. Mr. Mcdud says:

    1 like = 1 day of me doing this

  14. Drip Beauty says:

    Im going to start this today!

  15. How much calories burnt from this exercise

  16. Am I the only one who can't do the mountain climber😭

  17. Is this exercise uni sexual? I mean can both male and female do it?

  18. Plastic says:

    This is so awkward cause watching this on my bed

  19. DvVv team says:

    i'm trying to stay in shape because i want a summer body which is getting there and i really want to do volley ball next year

  20. DvVv team says:

    this has helped my strength

  21. DvVv team says:

    did this for a month it really works then my period came and oof blotated and now i feel gross totally hate it but i'm exercising back again… hate doing this on my period

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