4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home | No Gym Full Body Workout | 5-Minute Treatment

4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home| No Gym Full Body Workout | 5-Minute Treatment

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48 Responses

  1. How much time should I expect the result after practicing these exercise daily??

  2. Tahira Naeem says:

    Can it reduce the fat of thighs ,hips, and calves!!!!!????????

  3. Sofi Chansab says:

    Please say how many times I have to do

  4. These squats , planks , squat jumps and push ups helped me a so much
    Thanks a lot

  5. Danie's Life says:

    What is the exercise for belly fat? but I’m a too slim. Please reply

  6. this exercise work in ankel & claf muscle bigger??

  7. About how many days I hv to do this exercise???

  8. I want to reduce belly and waist fat?????

  9. Mam i am 17 years and height 4.10 and weight 50kgs can i do this to get perfect body shape please reply

  10. I want to reduce my belly fat plz help

  11. Ultra Gaming says:

    My age is 14,
    Can I do these exercises?

  12. Twinkle Kavi says:

    I am too much slim.I am doing light exercise in daily routine…may i do these exercises for perfect body shape?? Plz tell me

  13. I just watch these videos but I am too lazy to do this..🙄

  14. Mounika Abi says:

    Nalla results kidakkuma

  15. 1squats
    3.jump squats
    4.push ups

  16. sobia hashmi says:

    hii push ups are very difficult for me 😓😓
    how I do it..!?

  17. hii very good exercise can you answer me how long does it take to get the shape plssss

  18. I have a fitness app with all of these…..it works

  19. Neha says:

    Squat jumps

  20. ananya singh says:

    I m thin can I do this ?

  21. How many times should each excersise be repeated????. I can't do the push ups so can I avoid it?????

  22. bindu ts says:

    Will I need to do this every day?

  23. My weight is 50kg and I am 12 years old. Can I do this??

  24. SWETHA RAM says:

    I have a doubt 🧐

    If i do this exercise regularly and after i get a result … i have stop doing it ..
    It will make any side effect for me ???
    ( weight increases like … )

  25. How to reduce breast size at home ?

  26. Aruna Soni says:

    is it for thin girls ??

  27. How many months or days will it take ?

  28. Divya S says:

    How to reduce butt

  29. By this we can also gain our weight?

  30. Just wanted to loose my things and back muscles……. what should I do????

  31. Mansi Sinha says:

    How many times one should do each exercises…?!

  32. manu manisha says:

    Can we do it after delivery

  33. pls mam ninu 87 kg vunna nakosam manchi exercise pls tel me na ages 27

  34. Kya mai ye exercise kr skti hun?

  35. Pls somebody tell me
    I am just 17 yrs and mu weight is 70

  36. MUSKAN RAINA says:

    can it help in weight gain???

  37. By doing these exercises can we loose weight.
    Please reply.
    Squats exercise is for weight loss or weight gain????
    Please reply

  38. suha سهى says:

    اكو عرب التعليقات 😆😆😆

  39. Afshan Amjad says:

    Hi will these exercises helps in reducing belly fat ?? Plzzz help I really want to loose weight

  40. Pooja Singh says:

    I'm a mother of 8months baby.. It's my normal delivery.. Can I do dis exercise?

  41. Aon Oats says:


  42. My shape is good but nowadays i got some fat in my stomach… What can i do for it?

  43. Reshmi Bk says:

    Can i use this..after food…?

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