ISOMETRIC INFERNO! | BJ Gaddour Men's Health Planks Workout

ISOMETRIC INFERNO from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator!

Isometrics involve holding a certain position, like a plank, for time. Though studies show that isometric contractions are inferior for muscle gain, they do boost strength and stability at specific ranges of motion. Ultimately, this will translate into strength and muscle gain and enhanced performance when doing dynamic, full range of motion exercises.

Outlined below are 4 key isometric categories for you to get started with (there are others). Use these as starters or finishers to your current routine to strengthen sticking points and bulletproof your joints.

Category 1- Max Effort ISO’s

Perform each drill using a max effort contraction for 10 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for 3 straight rounds:

Max Effort Long-Lever Plank
Max Effort Mini-Band 1-Leg Hip-Thrust
Max Effort Mini-Band Goblet Squat

Category 2- Iso-Dynamics

Perform each drill for 30-60 seconds at a faster tempo and 1-2 minutes at a slower tempo:

Single-Leg Squat
Flexed-Arm Biceps Curl

Category 3- Multi-Position ISO’s

Hold each position for 20 seconds back-to-back-to-back in the exact order listed:

Multi-Position Chinup (Top, Middle, Bottom)
Multi-Position Overhead Press (Top, Middle, Bottom)

Category 4- Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics (EQI)

Perform each drill for 1-2 minutes in the loaded stretch position:

Extended EQI Pushup
Extended EQI Pullover
Extended EQI Bulgarian Split Squat


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  1. Brandon May says:

    I had no clue there were sleeveless hoodies. Kidding aside what is that multi target punching bag you have? Looks like it had a low kick and uppercut station.

  2. Krakrock says:

    Hey! I have a question about your book: Your Body is Your Barbell.

    I'm new to bodyweight exercises, but not completely sedentary (I perform manual labor as a day job but don't go to the gym) do you recommend people in my position to start at the "ground zero" tier?

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