5 Simple Home Workout Routine for Female | HealthTips24HD

5 Simple Home Workout Routine for Female | #HealthTips24HD
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49 Responses

  1. Thanks for watching this video 🙂 To Watch more videos related to this topic, Check our
    “Woman Health” Playlist.
    Here you go: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  2. Mithu Das says:

    Plise upload small chest to bigar size eksesaij

  3. Iltimos Òzbek tilida beringlar.

  4. sahar madame says:

    My weight is 76 I'm keeping doing the walk at home and some of exercises .but it stay the same 76 …would you help me🙄😩

  5. For how many days can I do this to get a lisalt

  6. Beri Clara says:

    Thanks much👍💖. I got a cup sized breast so how many times daily should i do these exercises to attain a C to D ?

  7. How to increase brest

  8. should I use flaxseeds oil for massaging breasts to reduce it's size ?????

  9. Thanks for the video. Its too good. Does it reduce the breast size? If not tell how to reduce the size please.

  10. kr nair says:

    hlw am ur new ssubscriber

  11. Fitness Lens says:

    Massaging your breasts with olive oil or almond oil really hepls a lot in reducing the size of the breast as well as tighten it thank me later😉

  12. Rimsha Khan says:

    Jes ky 3 c section hovay ho woo be push ups kar sakta hai ..easy way kasay start karay push ups yeh zara mushkil lagta jes ka weight zaida ho aur first time karnie ho tu plz repky must

  13. preety girl says:

    reduce krne k liye bi btaye

  14. Noor Reem says:

    Its difficult to do these excercise…..

  15. Laboni Nayak says:

    how to decrease breast size.

  16. MyBffis Food says:

    Ok, but mine still would look better outside than without clothes on, so I would end up at the same issue

  17. increase krti hy ya decrees

  18. Ria Xhigne says:

    I did these workout almost everyday bcz I love workout everyday using dumbbells😊

  19. Mohd Akram says:

    Hey I wanna increase my breast size plzzz tell me how to increase my breast size plzzz it's a request

  20. Maj Abd says:

    ممكن الترجمه بالعربية

  21. Beauty opens locked doors for ladies,the joy of the heart makes the face fair, if ur honest and righteous than sure you will be🙄 shine.

  22. I want to increase my breast size any help pls

  23. PALAK SOBTI says:

    In how much tymm it reduces the breast size

  24. Malik Asas says:

    is se km ho gya k behra plz btao

  25. If one is maintaining the body from student life, nobody's gonna face shape wise problems. This is one of the good Exercise to maintain. 💐💐💐💐

  26. Hamad Qadri says:

    Baby ko feed krwane k Doran b olmand oil massage kr skty hn

  27. Mel Curly says:

    How To increase my breast.cup 34

  28. How much weight. these 2 bottels

  29. If breast size is 38 it will never become 30 or 32, so just you need to maintain what you have.

  30. Only lipoplasty can help reduce large breasts, these exercises benefit only good size breast, to maintain the size and shape.

  31. gosh light says:

    This is amazing

    Thanks for the video😍😍😘

  32. شكرا انا نديرها ونتيجة كانت هايلة

  33. Hii im neww subscribr

  34. HOPE world says:

    I want to increase my breast size this helps ???

  35. how to lose my breast

  36. Raja Ismail says:

    Thanx mam ye workout waqai sahi kam karta hai muje to boht farq para hai or mera 1sal ka baby b hai thanx again.

  37. My breast size is 34-36 nd my age now 21 year old so this exercise helpful me

  38. Nice, 10q a lot but I have 1 question how to increase as

  39. Iqra's life says:

    I am your new subscriber 😊

  40. kaur Jatti says:

    Breast size is 38… Is se reduce to nhi hoga???

  41. Destiny Yang says:

    When do we start seeing results?

  42. Halima Yusuf says:

    Pls how to get white bright eyes

  43. Which bar should wear during excerise??

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