oops I didn’t go over sets! usually I do 3-4 sets each. 


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21 Responses

  1. This is great! I will probably watch it again!

  2. Lisa Runyon says:

    Great and informative video! I would love one of these journals! Are they still available?

  3. kollegeman1 says:

    Love this. You are so good.

  4. Hi Katie I’m starting your 12 week work out program I downloaded for FREE from the link in this video!
    Thanks you soooo much iv just finished studying it and I’m so friken excited and really happy I can’t wait to see my results . Nobody gives away professional workout plans . Lots of love evei xx

  5. thanks, that was really helpful

  6. skydiver 91 says:

    Been training for 10+ years now… and it's amazing that in 25 mins I've learned some very useful stuff in regards to the planning aspect of training. I came here to learn how to create a workout program for some female friends and ended up learning some stuff that I wanna incorporate into my OWN workouts! Thanks a ton! You got a like and a sub from me for that!

  7. CJ says:

    Hi Katie based on your compound, isolated and machine workout totalling about 7 workouts. How long do you normally workout for?

  8. Jose Orantes says:

    YOU. ARE. SO. BEAUTIFUL!, that's all, have an awesome day.

  9. Emily Shaw says:

    This video was so informative and exactly what I have been wishing someone would explain to me!! I am completely lost when it comes to what I should eat, how to track my calories and macros, what to do in the gym, and especially working out certain muscle groups in the same day (this really confused me because I didn't even know we had 6 main muscle groups until recently…this is how lost I am in the gym). I have been struggling with my weight since I was 10 years old, and since then have been doing all kinds of random workouts and diets, but nothing has worked because I haven't been strategic. I am SO excited about your 12 week bikini body challenge and nutrition ebooks, so thank you so much!! I cannot wait to get started and to keep learning!

  10. KIRAN says:

    omg, this is exactly what I was looking for!!!! thank you so much Katie

  11. Danyellow says:

    Best explanation I've seen so far!guess I have the mindset that I shouldn't rest muscle groups for that long between days – I'll have to change that from what I can see?
    I've been doing all upper body three days and legs two days – I feel like I have to do it that way because I take weekends off to clean my house, cook for the week, laundry ect as I am a single Mom
    Is it possible to keep it the way I have and still see results? Or should I definitely change to doing upper body muscle groups once a week with legs being two days? I'm kind of intimidated by trying heavy compound exercises – and am probably not using enough weight – but fear I will not be able to lift even one rep – or injure myself – I'm kinda old lol

  12. Like a buff Jessica Alba, thank you sweet girl!

  13. Bliss Jacobs says:

    Just used this formula to write a new gym program for myself and OMG this is a game changer for me.

  14. Julie Nakazi says:

    super helpful, thank you!

  15. how long how muct time do i need per workout per day for you 12 week program?

  16. Exactly what I needed. thank you!

  17. Cécile Joly says:

    Very usefull, thx a lot !!!

  18. jacqchewy says:

    How would you write a program for someone training to run a race (10K, half marathon, marathon, etc.)?

  19. This video is such an amazing help!! So much information! Thanks!!!

  20. How many sets are you recommending per exercise?

  21. No hate, I am actually curious, are you a transgender? Hope u don't mind to be asked just wondering. Also wanna add that your videos are really helpful and informative👍

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