15 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Workout | No Equipment | The Body Coach

3 rounds | 5 exercises | Working for 35 seconds | Rest for 25 seconds

6 High Knees then 4 Lunge Jumps
5 Narrow Press-Ups into 5 wide Press-Ups
5 Toe Touches then 5 Full Body Crunches
6 Mountain Climbers with lateral move
4 Crab Toe Touches then 4 Kick Throughs

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50 Responses

  1. Bruh this has to be the most complicated break dancing moves i’ve ever seen.

  2. Oscar Reyes says:

    It's a great workout

  3. How many calories does this burn if you’re a woman?

  4. REV3R1E says:

    Finally was able to do the whole thing today

  5. Ananay Gupta says:

    Which app are u using for time management? Like which stopwatch app.
    Great video btw

  6. Hey! First off I wanna say great workout. I have been going to this video every day that I miss going to the gym and I can gladly say I can finally keep pace with you! My only concern is with the final exercise in each set. It doesnt feel like it does anything for me and its more of an extra rest period than anything and I noticed you having a difficult time with it so any pointers on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

  7. Josh Comfort says:

    The captions are hilarious.

  8. Jesse Leanos says:

    This was the best hit I’ve ever done

  9. Only ripped person like him can workout for 15mins straight. People with high body fat it's difficult to perform, still everybody should give it a try.

  10. J Has says:

    Woah …😍😍 this guy…

  11. I was able to do one round. :/

  12. Ber M. says:

    At the end of the video: " thats all for the warm up, now lets get to the actual exercise"

  13. I did 20 minutes, cause i included one more round. It feels amazing.
    Thanx, Rusell. God bless ya, Rusell.

  14. Just stop says:

    Who else is watching this to see if they can do it

  15. kl. johnny says:

    Thank u for sharing ur exercises bro.
    I won't do them, But ur exercises WILL improve cardio n tone the abs. 👍😊

  16. Adam Cochran says:

    “5 stretchy ones”

  17. Adam Hadrick says:

    These comments are HILARIOUS 😂😂😂 AND he's still going!!! I'm tired jus watching this fool lmao

  18. To everyone commenting about:
    “What were your results when doing this?
    “How much weight did you lose”
    “You can’t just jump into this workout routine”

    I will be trying this. As someone who isn’t too inclined with health or fitness i am going to give this a try. I do go to the gym, however i am just like everyone else sometimes I’ll go and sometimes I won’t. But just recently I’ve been going consistently and plan on working on my “summer bod.” If you would like to join me on this mini journey/experiment with this video i will be uploading videos of my progress to help motivate others to try it out and if anyone has any other workout recommendations i will consider them and try them out! I will need some support and so with that I will leave to you guys. If this comment reaches 50 LIKES I will make an update video of myself taking on the challenge and uploading progress videos of a before and after. But i NEED to know if anyone would be interested before i start uploading that sorta content.

    Thank you,

    LETS GO 50 LIKES!!!!!!

  19. Is it just me or everytime I watch a fitness related video I always get a V-Shred ad😂😂😂

  20. Kainan Otten says:

    How many times a week should I do this

  21. Does anyone else do these HIIT exercises after eating dinner?

  22. Gonna start doing this and i know it will be hard. If he who is fit as fuck really feels the workout then i think an out of shape guy like me might die 🤣🤣 that being said…its worth a shot!

  23. Cut out this cardio lifting man. You look like a dude in his first year of lifting weights

  24. JokerCirca66 says:

    Damn Russel Brand got shredded

  25. nfn7121 says:

    This guy will not leave my backyard.

  26. Invicta says:

    Nice face, nice body… cartoon voice.

  27. Love the break dancing move!

  28. Can you make the video with a fat guy to make more sense

  29. Yasser F says:

    I am dead. I can't finish round 3 at all

  30. Such a hottie. Hopefully i can look like him one day

  31. IGNITION HD says:

    For how long should I work out a day, I need help pls I’m just a starter btw.

  32. R Villegas says:

    4:34 I farted doing these

  33. Dear how much time you take to built this type of body.

  34. CHAL KIE says:

    Good to see kapernick back on his feet again.

  35. THATSFIRE says:

    This man looked like he was dying during this workout how in the hell am I supposed to do it? Lol

  36. Yos Sai says:

    So intense!
    I could fill a bucket with this river of sweat…gross!!! 😁😄

  37. You are cute and damn hot at the same time. Dream mannnn

  38. Nubian Nya says:

    I’m a YouTuber and will be documenting my before and after on the 20th of March with my results! Including dieting

  39. Hay noooooooo! No aguanto “ Me muero 😵

  40. - - says:

    next time be prepared and make no breaks…pussy

  41. Ricardo sam says:

    Wow I done full 15mins this time great. Breathe less thou

  42. Can you start doing the 6 exercise for 5 minutes then work your way up .. im a beginner i dont think i cant do 20 minutes .. will i get results ??

  43. He Hey says:

    Second week I have lost 10 pounds 160-150 I was previously 170 but I lost weight.

  44. Callum R says:

    I lost 3 pounds watching this video. Probably in the sofa.

  45. I'm 23 and currently weighs 103 kgs, how much calories will I lose with this workout?

  46. Imported TV says:

    I'm gonna do this. If I reach 1000 likes I'll record my journey!!!

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