A complete upper body workout routine to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs!


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15 minute low intensity warm up of choice
I like to do 15% incline walking on treadmill at 3mph

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 wide grip overhand row
10 underhand row

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 cable lat pull down
12 rear delt pull

SUPERSET | 3 sets
12-15 lateral raise
12 upright row

TRI-SET | 2 sets
8 incline close grip press
10 neutral grip skullcrusher
10 chest fly

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 bicep 1&1/2 curl
12 overhand tricep press down

ABS | 2 sets
20 cable crunches

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48 Responses

  1. Amy Voss says:

    How do I know how much weight to use? I try to increase my weight but my upper body is weak. I increase my reps but don't know how much to increase by

  2. Amelia Berry says:

    Thumbs up for the beautiful fluffy brows. They truly spark joy x

  3. Yes please your split😊 and post work outs here too because I like the way you literally show what muscles work with certain exercises, helpful.

  4. yasssss girl !!!! NEEDED THIS 🔥💜👏🏼

  5. Wow I love your videos! Always brightens my day 🙂

  6. ghoosy dip says:

    Can you please give some tips on how to lift heavier weights?

  7. froncifresh says:

    Please, i would love to see your updated workout schedule 💞🐰

  8. Jaya Mill says:

    Girl! How did you know this is what I was doing today??

    Also, really like the asides, very clean and professional! It been so fun to watch your videos develop! Just gets better and better!

  9. Q Toz says:

    How heavy do you go with cable crunches? I tried doing them once…and face planted XD but I didn't want to go too too heavy to offset myself because I'm kinda prone to back injury. 🙁

  10. Sarah Taylor says:

    Thank you Whit! I was starting to run out of ideas!

  11. Updated workout schedule 🙏🏻

  12. leah says:

    WHO are the weenies who disliked this video, HONESTLY?? PS, YES updated work out schedule

  13. lovelygift says:

    Superset Queen 💕

  14. Renata Luca says:

    That form THOOO 😍🙌🏻 yes girl, always givin is the best!!

  15. Whitney!!! Triceps and shoulders will never be sculpted for me… why is so difficult???

  16. Kylee N says:

    Omg I’ve been loving doing full upper bod workouts gonna do this Friday thank yooouuuuu ily❤️

  17. IV Lopez says:

    EXCUSMI I said so you never miss a fit tip with whit. My life is a lieeeeeee lol

  18. Olivia Pinto says:

    yes yes yes to the workout split vid 🙂

  19. Katie Rich says:

    How much weight should you use for the cable crunches?

  20. Jenny Lauren says:

    Omg that middle part suits you so well <3

  21. Nadja _K says:

    Love the workout! And you look beautiful!!

  22. Stephani Hqz says:

    You look so pretty with this natural makeup Whit 💙💙💙 thanks for this I love your physique and knowing the tips to achieve it is awesome 😄 yes! Chest flies burn like hell and you're so sore next day!!

  23. Hey girlfriend, I’m always so excited for your upper body workouts 👏👏🔥💪! I would love to see a workout routine that would help me increase my grip strength and hip flexors.❤️😘

  24. Madison Hull says:

    Can you do a no machine back workout????I only have dumbbells at home😭

  25. Could you please do a beginners workout series? Like beginner workout videos for each body part? Love you 💕

  26. Meg A says:

    Whitney do you have any tips for gaining weight? I’ve been going to the gym consistently for over a year now and I’ve cleaned up my diet like craaaazy and I’m currently having a protein shake after every workout and sipping BCAA’s during every workout and I just can’t seem to put on any weight 😩 Ya girl is out here at 20 years old with the body of a nine year old boy 😂😂

  27. Yes to an updated workout schedule! ilysm!

  28. When is the vital seamless sports bra coming back in stock? Went to buy a matching set and they were out!

  29. Lots of videos lately holy moly I love it so much. My day is always better with Whitney 😍 woman crush everriday girl

  30. I was just looking for an upper body workout to do today at the gym. This was perfect timing. 😊

  31. Moa Schwartz says:

    YES YES YES to the workout split!!! NEED IT! Thank you for the everyday inspiration, you have literary changed my lifestyle 💕

  32. Omg i see you girl with the halfsplit A GODESS

  33. Pleease, do hair tutorial, girl your hair is amazing!! And so are you

  34. "We're all in this together" 🎵🎵 love it

  35. Amy Louise says:

    Yesss. Give us your split!! (And a Whitney app)

  36. I love this style of video Whitney! I like it more than just a usual voice over! Plus the split picture to show super sets & trisets! Awesome! Thank you always for motivation and inspiration!

  37. hiiiii could you do a warm up/cool down routine? I still struggle with this part and don't really know what to do to get all the right muscles warmed up and prepped 🙁

  38. Thank you for the amazing content, Whit. I love you so much!

  39. YASSS GIRL 😍 I love that you include all upper body in one video, and that you included your ab workout 🔥🔥🔥 ILYSM

  40. carly wise says:

    Please do a vid about your workout split!

  41. Yes girl, love this, would love to see updated routine schedule! Also I think I am old enough to be your mom but you are just so cute! I love your videos, the workouts have really helped me keep my motivation up at the gym! Keep up the great work😄

  42. Yes to updated split!

  43. I love all your workouts but i have a question, do you ever stretch? Before or after a work out? I ask because I’m recently dealing with knee pain, nothing serious, no trauma or injury it’s just something called iliotibial tendon syndrom ans I was told it’s becauss I’m not stretching. Any thoughts on stretching? Any videos on stretching?

  44. sfar024 says:

    Love it. Can't wait to trial it out when I hit the gym 😍

  45. Stine Lund says:

    Love when you wear your hair in a middle part 😍 you look so cute 😁

  46. whaatt?? he never seen HSM and it was filmed at his High School??? Who is he?? haha.. good movie memories.. dancing to bop to the top

  47. Ali Bassett says:

    I’m for sure doing this today for my upper body 🤗

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