Full Leg & Glute Workout Walkthrough (Free Program Week 1)

Women’s Specialization Program ▹ ▹https://www.stephaniebuttermore.com/womens-specialization-program
-Launch Price $29.99 (will go up to $39.99 Sunday Sept. 16th))


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Scale I Use:
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-Tracks weight, body fat, muscle mass bone density and water weight.

Hip Circle Resistance Band ▹https://markbellslingshot.com/collections/hip-circles/products/grippy-hip-circle

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Workout starts at 6:58

*Full Workout*

Warm Up
10 min on treadmill

Dynamic Warm up
Leg Swings

Barbell Deadlift
4 Sets | 4 Reps (75%1RM)

Goblet Squat
3 Sets | 10-12 Reps (RPE 8)

Knee-Banded Bodyweight Hip Thrusts
2 Sets | 25-30 Reps (RPE 8)

Seated or Lying Leg Curl
3 Sets | 10-12 Reps (RPE 8)

Lateral Band Walk
3 Sets | 20 Reps (each leg) | (RPE 8)

Machine Abduction
3 Sets | 15 Reps (RPE 7)

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▹CHEAT DAY▹ https://youtu.be/bQHH1ctpav4


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BUSINESS ONLY EMAIL: sbuttermore25@gmail.com

FAQs ▹

1.What is your ethnicity?
‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
2. How tall are you?
‣ 5’4″
3. How old are you?
‣ 28
3. What are you researching?
‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ http://bit.ly/dayasaphd
4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
‣ Duh
5. Is that your real hair?
‣ Yes
AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!

Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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49 Responses

  1. WASSUP! I'm so proud that I've been sticking to my every Saturday upload schedule!! Make sure to check out the description box, it has lots of gewwwd info and links to everything I talk about in the video. It also has the full workout if you'd like to see it in writing. Enjoy it and I love you all so much! I'm always blown away by your never ending positivity and support 😘 Workout starts at 6:58! Much love xoxo

  2. Quality content. You're intimidatingly attractive tho

  3. Gai Jin says:

    Damm u have a fat butt get a life get some 💪 muscles

  4. eric D says:

    You are the best Youtuber, good info, interesting to watch, 😗

  5. Lov3d the workout! Been watching your videos for a weeek now and one question, what does " (rpe 8) " beside each leg workout?

  6. EZMOMENTS says:

    what's the best protein powder to consume???

  7. Mae Anne says:

    14:32 Panic! At the Disco is playing in the background. Also love the content Stephanie! 👍

  8. Abigail Bemm says:

    I was just on your boyfriends channel and I have been watching you guys for months and I love you both. But my real question is how do I find a man like Jeff?!

  9. PLEASE DO A CHRISTMAS SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Laurie L says:

    Does the Women's Specialization Program have workout schedules? Menu for micros meals?

  11. Laurie L says:

    How can I message you private? It's regarding your Women's Specialization Program

  12. Okay, I just purchased the program and am completely lost on the rpe/%Rm column, I understand the RPE part, but what exactly does the number in front of that mean? A percent or what? I’m not really understanding some things about the chart and it’s stressing me out 😅😅

  13. Alanna P says:

    How many reps should we do to warm up? So you have 4×4 deads and recommend that we build up the weight. How many reps should we be aiming for during the build up

  14. Hi Steph! Just wondering. On every gym day do you tire yourself to the point where you cannot do any other exercise? I always feel like I can do more at the gym eventhough I've been at the gym for 2 whole hours. I feel that I can only leave the gym once I feel tired, but do you think this is just overworking myself? Is there a max number of exercises we should do each gym day?

  15. 100% keep the bangs. It suits you 10/10

  16. Did this workout today. My deadlift wasn’t as heavy since I’m not there yet but I will be! Feelin so good! Thank you, Steph!

  17. Working out my left arm at the minute, its going well.

  18. I say grow out the bangs!!

  19. Ivu C says:

    how much sets and reps the leg swings?

  20. First off, I LOVE all your videos!! I have one question though. I have pretty long hair as well and I always thought it's hard having long hair and working out all the time. I saw that you did yours before your workout. Do you wash it after you workout too? I hate doing anything to my hair pre-workout because sometimes I feel like I wash it over and over and it dries out.

  21. Side bangs that would look amazing

  22. I just love watching you so much you seem so sweet and refreshing I love it !

  23. Pei Lin says:

    I have a girl question. Do you train on your period? I'm from an asian family, and my mom forbid me to train on my period.

  24. Hi Stephanie! I purchased Jeff's Glute Hypertrophy program just this Spring. Would there be an advantage to buying this new one, how is it different? Also, would this one be adaptable into a 5 day training week? Thanks! <3

  25. Anna says:

    Man I love dead lifts but my arms can't take heavy weights. My wrist and arms hurt like a bitch when increase the weights. Makes me even more sad when I know my legs and glutes can handle heavier

  26. Can someone explain what rpe 8 means?

  27. Sena Peker says:

    Grow out your bangs!

  28. Mike Agne says:

    I don't like bangs on any woman.

  29. I love the program and I finish my workout within an hr! I am on block 2 week 2 and I have seen so much improvement in my glutes. KEEP THE BANGS!

  30. Aida Beco says:

    Love your eyeshadow. Which one is that?

  31. Protected says:

    Beautiful either way!! Bang or no bang!!

  32. Simple Life says:

    Bangs video or glutes video??wat is this??I wanna see some booty work outs.

  33. Stephanie Buttermore the best chick in town…

  34. Abigail Carr says:

    With the textured bangs that you have, I think it looks better when it’s side swept (if you grow it out of course). But if you want to keep it that length it has now, I think it looks better with a straighter edge in the bottom, almost like a blunt cut if you’re going for the geisha bangs look.

  35. HeyCJHey says:

    You really inspire me. I am still recovering from a l5-S1 spinal fusion with cadaver bone ( 13 months post-op and considered a failed back surgery symptom patient) and struggling to get back into the fitness world. Any advice on how to help stay fit while working through the pain?

  36. Can you do a halloween cheat day pls 😍🎃🧡🖤🧡🖤

  37. Did some of this workout today thanks love your videos! 🙌🏼💜

  38. Shameless, American Horror Story Apocalypse, and The Purge are all very good shows. Can’t get enough.

  39. Tony says:

    Your hot so bangs or no bangs, it doesn't matter. You look gorgeous. By the way that is a nice gym. I like the squat rack setup and platform.

  40. Grow out the bangs! Your face is so pretty and idt it shows as much with the bangs.

  41. Don Giovanni says:

    The video really starts at 7:38, 8:13, 8:45, 9:56, butt you're probably her for 10:11
    random, i like how she talks with her tongue -_- lol if you slow the video down its quite nice

  42. kelly G says:

    Have you done fillers or anything?! So pretty!! Your skin looks great!

  43. Hi Stephanie! Im loving the quality of the video, can you tell me which camera you are using Ive been searching for a great camera to film and take great photos while traveling. Thank You.

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