5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners

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OMG you’re going to LOVE this dance workout to get in some cardio in your exercise routine! Only 5 minutes. AMAZING music and all the energy in the world!! This dance workout is a great, fun way to get fit, kickstart a healthy lifestyle, and do cardio to lose weight. If you need some extra motivation to get started with exercising regularly, you neeeeeed a good dance workout workout in your life. It will get your heart pumping and fill you with those good good gooood hormones that make you want to do even more!

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PS: if you need some more dance workouts to burn fat and get that bikini body, check out popsugarfitness here on YouTube. They have soooo many!! I feel like their videos are really great especially if you’re a good dancer. I’m very very average when it comes to dancing as you can see from this video bahaha but it’s not about the moves right?!! It’s all about the effort. Love ya! xo

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Black women fitness champions like Sherrie Silver, Anowa Adjah, Jenell Stewart, Scola Dondo, Danielle Peazer, Afrifitness, and AJ Odudu. Not necessarily black women fitness but still awesome are Mfon Ekpo, sisi yemmie, aucurlsnaturelle, Shirley Eniang, Patricia Bright and many other fit and fierce women doing great things!

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38 Responses

  1. Yay. Baby says:

    It's like she is actually at my house

  2. Anosha Khan says:

    after eexcercisè i feel to much pain koboko plz help me how can i lost 20 kg in one month😐😐

  3. Luna D. says:

    Best Workout ever

  4. Sarah Muff says:

    Love this video!!!!!!! Please keep making more!!!

  5. Sonu Mammu says:

    i love ur fitnes…Very helpful !!!

  6. Regina Penda says:

    I love how she smiles whenever she works out! Keep on going! 💪

  7. That bitch says:

    Her: good job, your doing good

    Me: casually sitting down why thank you

  8. Gwendo_ Lien says:

    Loveeeeeee this. Thank you

  9. How many times should i do it per day?

  10. This works I did it for a few days and was losing weight but I quit lol bc school got in the way but I did it for 4 days and I seen results

  11. one of the best thing I like that all videos r on dancing but u show
    us some steps so we can do this on any song

  12. I think I going to try I will join

  13. tingwai tsui says:

    just tried this, my heart is pounding real fast lol just love it

  14. I love you do much you helped me allot

  15. I like it how you encourage people and compliment them while we follow your neat moves even though some of us r just sitting and watching you (thats not me by the way)

  16. Love this. Short fun and effective.

  17. I think the thumbnail was so fake but the video worked GREAT!!!

  18. Lyn says:

    I like your facial expression from beginning to end 😁😁😁😁😁

  19. Kissy says:

    oh I cant wait to try this!!!! Thank you so much for the video!! I am 100 lbs over weight and I am so serious about getting fit….

  20. Great video👍 But I am still shy about my belly 😞 so I got this great Tank Top from Amazon USA that I would like to recommend you all here 💪💪https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0745DBZ57?th=1&psc=1 it’s hide my belly and high quality

  21. Ebonyaa Lol says:

    If you guys really loved this video (like me) go check out The Fitness Marshall he does loads of dancercise videos to songs you know and love💖 I did about 6 of his videos and I’m definitely breaking a sweat😅

  22. Fairy World says:

    I'm a teen with so much fat even though I don't eat a lot but you made my day I just found u ahhhh I'm happy!!! I'm starting this routine today!!!

  23. Just subscribed!! Love your videos and energy!! About how many calories are burned within this 5min? I LOVE dancing!

  24. Miller Miz says:

    Awesome pick me up!

  25. That's Cole and Savs intro

  26. My Own 6 – 7 Minute Arm Cardio Workout + This
    1. Arm circles [Forward] 30 seconds
    2. Arm circles [Backwards] 30 seconds
    3. Flying Arms [60 seconds]
    4. Pushups [30 seconds] And make sure to move at your OWN pace until you feel comfortable
    5. 30 sec rest [I don't take a rest,but it's fine] Make sure to do this Cardio 3 times and then this video 😀 And I might do these 2 times a day for 2 weeks. I'll update as soon as possible [Btw i'm only 12 :P]

  27. I love your energy and first time I was so hppy while I do my workout 😘😘😘😘

  28. Areta Kunaka says:

    I couldn't finish what u r doing.by I will keep on trying

  29. Areta Kunaka says:

    I'm tired but I'm trying very hard

  30. thank you for losing my weight

  31. Eakta Pandey says:

    Mera kamar and hand mote hai plz kuch btaiye

  32. wow Hayaat says:

    so easy nd helpful ….thnx

  33. caekyubi9 says:

    im here for this too 🙂

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