4-Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

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An exhausting workout in the gym doesn’t suit everyone, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we have no time for it. Quick interval training is really effective. Try these five simple exercises that will take you just 5 minutes.

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25 Responses

  1. This is working really good for I see my tommy is getting flatter just a little bit I measure my belly everyday and it went down I'm really happy thank u for this video it really helping me😀😀😀😀

  2. I am way to lazy to do this Lol 😄

  3. Henry says:

    Waoo. Am getting used to this exercise. I love the stretching tips. indeed is a great way for body fitness and maintaining a good body shape.
    I got Loads of this body trimming kits here
    lovely, I 'll do follow up on this nice fitting training

  4. ness joud says:

    One minute of body squats
    30-seconds of push-ups (he then said let's do 10 more)
    30 seconds of mountain climbers
    1 minute forward lunge.
    45 seconds jumping jacks

    You're welcome 🙂 !!

  5. Paul Olone says:

    Online Customized Personal Training for weight loss and a body transformation call Paul at 408-561-9317 or go to

  6. I’m actually doing the aerobics numerously and it doesn’t take long to do Hennis The Menace

  7. Keyur Bhatt says:

    How many calarie burn in 5 minute ?

  8. Drew K says:

    There is no way this replaces an hour… If that is true, my burpee, terminator workout is equal to 5 hours and I should be the most fit person on the planet… Come on… Really? OF course half the people I see at the gym spend most of the time on their cell phones, so maybe some truth to it…

  9. 0701175 says:

    Thank you so much for the video. It helps.

  10. Donna D. says:

    Day 11 for me and I feel great.

  11. John Noel says:

    I started this today. I'll let you know the effectiveness in a month.

  12. Tina Mao says:

    Ok, so every comment i get on this, i will do 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats w/ 2 of 3kg dumbells, 10 mountain climbers, 10 jumping jacks.
    I will regret this but, lets go~

  13. Am I the only one who watches this while eating chips?

  14. My goal is to get to 120lbs so 120 likes I'll do this 5 times a day and include ally results

  15. amara abeel says:

    wow thaanks u so much 🙂

  16. The best part of this video is the realistic time and amount of exercise for beginners to do at home, without pressure or judgement. My only suggestion would be a few stretches to warm up and a few stretches to cool down. I gave it a go and even did the push ups (modified) because at 59 I want to improve my health not hurt myself, I did felt my calf muscles by the end and gave a little stretch so not to feel sore tomorrow.

  17. For all the grown ups who say they can't do this………..I'm ten years old and I have asthma and I did this perfectly….so…………keep trying and don't give up

  18. I did the exercises and I felt like I wanted to fall flat on my stomach!! Lol 😂 XD

  19. kay preece says:

    Can't do the lunges it's painful on my knees

  20. anti pas says:

    Where's ABS workout?

  21. Signed Up says:

    Never heard of the saran wrap part of IF,  That seems made up.  Where is the data that supports that theory.

  22. Oyster Salad says:

    Im a 6'1 man weighing 148 i dont really know why this is on my recommended or why i clicked it. But have a wonderful day to those who read this far!

  23. Ume Kulsum says:

    I can't do push ups 😔…Can i replace it,

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