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Hey lovelies! This video is definitely something I wish I’d watched when I was studying because it would have saved me so much time knowing how to get in quick workouts to balance out my work and school life with all my fitness goals. I hope you enjoy it too!! Lots of love as always xxx

My camera – I use it for every shot in my videos

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21 Responses

  1. Hey friends!! Hope you're having a great week so far! Today's video is all about balancing a busy life (either from school or work) while still being active and having fun! Hope you enjoy it (: love as always xxx

  2. Jo Turek says:

    Gosh I love your videos and your outlook on life and training! The whole 'balance not being linear' thing really spoke to me. I've spent many years fining it really difficult to let go of training when life gets very busy and other things should take priority. I have cut back and learned to let go a bit, but still have some work to do on it! Thanks for sharing. 6 weeks on complete study sound awful though, I definitely used training as an escape for the hour or so per day when I'm in study mode haha, but everyone has a completely different way of learning 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Molly Sun says:

    Loved the video!! can you please do a calisthenics for beginners workout? I really want to start but I have no gym/equipment and i have no idea where to start!

  4. Carme Blanco says:

    Just what I needed! However, I prefer to keep working-out while exams, just to "relax" a little bit. But yeah, you're right, the key is being organized and prioritize !!

  5. i know this is random but i wanted to take my partner to the bouncy castle place that i saw in one of your videos. it looked so much fun 😃 can you please tell me the name? thanks xx

  6. mandy lo says:

    Great videos 😀😀😀!! For me i feel like working out really helps me with my studying i like balancing both love u 😍😍

  7. I need to workout or atleast do something even if i'm busy, right now my life is all about, work, gym and food lol. I can't imagine my life without some kind of workout/sport, i have been doing it since i was a little kid, it makes me feel good and it makes my head clear. Specially when things get harder in life i always find comfort in my workouts. Some would say it's bad but for me it has been positive and it has helped me be who i'm today, specially when i was practicing thai boxing it helped me respect people and most of all myself :D. So, more workout for the people hehe. Happy friday Natacha.

  8. You are definitely my favorite fitness YouTuber!

  9. Aino !!!!! says:

    Definitely the best fitness channel on youtube!

  10. you have such a healthy mindset around food and fitness and it's really inspiring! i also love your style of training. thanks for another great video 🙂

  11. Loved the video and your workout Natacha!! What would you recommend to eat on those study sessions where you need to stay up until 2 am. for example?? And by the way, you should make a tutorial on pistol squats, you perform them so nice!! Best wishes!!

  12. Again a beautiful vid , delivered by the Angel of YouTube . Lots of fantastic ideas , to help balance our lives . Thank you for sharing this wonderful vid and as always I love you . Norm.xxxx

  13. Loved it again as always. Can’t wait for your next video 🙂

  14. sighnicole says:

    what i am struggling with right now is trying to find time to workout while studying the whole day! i have this huge finals coming up (next monday actually) and it goes on for a whole month. i can’t find time to workout and my strength decreased so much 🙁

  15. Kelly K. says:

    Hi Natacha what is the name of the song in the clip where you were working out?

  16. sara097 says:

    Love your videos and the positivity you always transmit through them! Thank you ♥ 🙂

  17. Jessie B says:

    Love the Lindt chocolate ❤️😍 I put it in my oatmeal for dessert every night 👌🏼😃

  18. Thea Olsson says:

    Hello Natacha!
    I love your videos and I think you are an inspiring person!
    I would love to see a video with some different workouts. Maybe one heavy leg day, one upper body and one mix. I don't know how to combine different exercises so it would be good with some tips also.
    Thanks for amazing videos!

  19. amira stras. says:

    Upper body goals ! love your video as always <3 !

  20. Kirsty says:

    Hi Natacha!
    A question just popped up in my mind for you and I am suddenly very intrigued to know the answer. What sort of sports did you do when you were in school?
    Loved the video, by the way. Really helpful :))

  21. Always so happy – I love that about you. No fake smiles.

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