Killer at Home Chest Workout – 10 Minute Chest Workout Without Weights

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28 Responses

  1. Nice to see Jim Halpert is making these videos! He must of got sick of being “slim Jim”

  2. Ronald kong says:

    I tried to do the side push-up but I'm rolling around like a pig.

  3. Ronald kong says:

    Imma just say this, I'm under 15 and dying. BRO THIS IS HARDDDDD.

  4. Great video! I am also passionate about this subject.

  5. Chady Ytb says:

    He talks more and train less 😜

  6. Xavier Siah says:

    Respect for determination brother!!

  7. Time seems to feel a lot slower when in pain from workouts

  8. I started this a week ago and i will continue this for 3 months but from the 1 week i can say that your muscles get used to the workout per exemple after my first day i had heavy pain in my arms and chest that i couldn't do one push and the day after it got heavier but after 3 days (just 3 days) i can do this workout daily and about push ups numbers i can do 19 now instead of 17

  9. Hey Blue says:

    For some reason I don't see much process in free weights or bench pressing. I started 100 push ups s day and my chest started developing fast. I do 4 sets of 25. I switch it up everyday. Regular push ups and legs inclined and body declined

  10. CASA- NOVA says:

    For how much time i should do this to get shredded chest ? 🤔

  11. If this is getting easier, a a weight on your back. Eg. A backpack full of weight or bottles. I use a 10 kg bag

  12. Ben Hua says:

    How do i stand up?

  13. for sure says:

    will this build my lower chest?

  14. On my 2nd round of FB Burn, and can I just say one thing? I despise you, Daniel. Today's upper body workout KILLED ME. My arms are limp noodles.

    Also, thank you for inspiring me to life heavier and move more slowly, rather than doing a ton of repetitions with a lower weight. I now have definition in my shoulders and arms for the first time since I was dancing every day in high school. I may feel weak as a kitten right this second, but I feel stronger overall than I have in more than a decade. You and Kelli are honestly part of the reason I get up and work out 5 day a week, and I hope you know that we (your viewers) appreciate all of the work that you do.

  15. Watching this because I need chest muscles 😂

  16. Nice video . I am doing this for a week now and at the end I feel pain only in my tricep and not on the chest region . Am I doing anything in the wrong way ?

  17. MrChristianW says:

    The second set of the side push up says "Staggered arm pushup". Just so you know…

  18. _RareWolf_ says:

    While watching a most delicious foods at McDonald's video this came up in up next (autoplay) I think my laptop is trying to say I'm fat

  19. Hugo Nongbri says:

    is this advanced or beginner?

  20. Liam Richard says:

    that was killer thanks i needed that

  21. Elijah Kadel says:

    Can I do this 2 times

  22. I'm gonna lose these man tits, reply in a week

  23. thats crazy meeeeeen))))) thx

  24. Carly Lim says:

    I am a girl. Is it weird that i can do triceps pushup but can't do normal push up????

  25. Gonna try to do this for 2-4 weeks

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