A Week of Workouts & Post-Workout Meals (Vegan)

Here’s an example of what a normal week of working out and eating looks like for me. If you have any questions about anything in the video, feel free to comment or email me about it!

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My last video, “How To: Eat Out With Friends As A Vegan”: https://youtu.be/FDff3VYy_zA

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“Agnes, Howard, Tucker, and Roe (Instrumental)” by Exit Liberty.

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12 Responses

  1. the pink shoes are everything. happy to find another vegan youtuber!

  2. Way to inspire me to get off my butt and get serious about exercising. Also, I really enjoyed the recipes. Very impressive!

  3. Do you ever do longer runs or are you just going for speed right now?

  4. It's cool to see how your fitness regime is changing and the meals looked decent.  I think I'm going to rewatch your 5 by 5 video after this.

  5. I’m going to try those patties fo sho!

  6. Looks like you had a pretty good work out. Big thumbs up.

  7. Fiber says:

    Care to share the bean burger recipe, as in write it down here somewhere please? It looked pretty good and when I'm making something I find its tough to keep my hands clean enough to pause the videos to add ingredients. Lol

    Thanks if you do!

  8. meslepp says:

    love the new sign off… lol

  9. AS R says:

    I want to work out with you! :O Also, your pink chucks are just <3

  10. Robin Ames says:

    Good stuff. Maybe I'll try out some of the other gym equipment besides the treadmill and elliptical. And maybe I'll cook something some day. You inspire me!

  11. Elena H says:

    I’m impressed by all of the cooking you do. Do you think you needed to eat more this week after increasing your work out?

  12. lin Bryans says:

    Aw pink converse… 😀 ♥

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