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  1. P.S.D says:

    2017 now … Chris has come a long way πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. 5 years later I still come back to this guy's videos. Great motivation my man!

  3. Sempastian says:

    I cant understand how its consider natural if someone is using whey protein.
    For some reason i feel its cheating.

  4. Jarrod Stowe says:

    "I ain't gone lie man, some people be like hell no, but it o'most taste like cocoa pebbles man" hahaha, he's probably right.

  5. OmahaKaneFit says:

    and in the beginning there was light ..GYMASIS 1:1

  6. Do you have to account for pre- and post-workout meals when counting macros? Or do they not count because you use them immediately during the workout?

  7. Marko Trigga says:

    so does that mean i can eat cake after a hardcore leg workout

  8. Luis Salazar says:

    Good sense of humor (:

  9. Epiphany says:

    this nigga awkward and funny lmao

  10. i was wondering how old this vid was… then he mentioned jacked3d

  11. DANYtheYAG says:

    Whey protein and a piece of fruit is a slow digesting carb? waat

  12. He worked his ass off to get where he is now I salute him

  13. lnyourface88 says:

    Really enjoying your videos man thanks for the advice

  14. I like his accent !! and smile..lovely teeth. cool guy.

  15. Andrew V says:

    When chris was natty!

  16. 666ofdoom says:

    Are you competing?

  17. T'Challa says:

    POG….you use Body Fortress protein? I thought it was garbage!

  18. Si_monster says:

    Why protein at pre what does it do

  19. ArenaSayWhat says:

    i miss these old videos

  20. thanks I love this video

  21. You got it Chris. I love eating. The cookies. An cream. Protein. Oatmeal from. Protein. Chef

  22. Eric 4khill says:

    You're not supposed to microwave plastic containers, come on dude… We don't want you getting cancer

  23. Etc Hosts says:

    He should change his channel name to cheap muthafucka N Chris lolol

  24. Hey Chris! 3 years in the past to now…do you still agree with everything you've said here?? with iifym and all.

  25. andy gonzalo says:

    1:53 that note book took a beating bro

  26. Whoever your cameraman was at the time did a horrible job lol

  27. mitch strong says:

    i probably wouldn't do fruit so close to a workout. definitely don't use fruit as your carb during or after your workout . the Fructose passes thru your liver.
    1) EAT YOUR PRE WORKOUT MEAL An hour before you lift. Oatmeal is fine and Protein.
    2) MAKE SURE YOU USE AN INTRA WORKOUT DRINK . That is when you sip on a drink that has EAA's , Crituline Malate, throw creatine in there. the carbs you can use are things like HBCD or Vitagro. .You can also use Pepto pro mixed with the carbs

    3) If you do that you can just eat your post workout meal an hour after . If you want to do another shake , its on you . do that about 30 min after u finish your intra.

  28. lbsoherewego says:

    Good advice, thank you

  29. Doc Wright says:

    Man, I love the old school vids.

  30. Ryan Fergany says:

    pretty much have same exact formula and helps me always get the best pump

  31. "ALMOST" taste like cocoa pebbles, "ALOMST."

  32. The most ghetto body builder i love it

  33. YoyoLift says:

    u overdo youre whey bro, that whey In that cereal shit was nasty bruh

  34. WOW i just like it. Good upload. Thnks!!

  35. Rubin Wil says:

    Great video I will be trying what you do and see if it works for me thanks stay bless

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