10min Of This Burns Belly Fat Fast : 100% Bodyweight Workout

http://www.6weeksixpack.com/9ex Burn belly fat in just 10 minutes with this bodyweight fat loss workout.

In my previous video I spoke about the only 9 exercises you need to transform your body at home ( See them here :

http://www.6weeksixpack.com/9ex ) and in todayโ€™s video I put my money where my mouth is by showing how an effective fat burning workout using just 4 of those 9 exercises.

So if you are ready to burn fat and get ripped start adding this workout to your weekly exercises routine.

Ready to transform your body at home? Check out this 100% bodyweight workout program : http://www.bodyweightevo.com

10min Of This Burns Belly Fat Fast : 100% Bodyweight Workout

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33 Responses

  1. Tony Rozie says:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Tuong Duong says:

    Love this video and tutorial!

  3. Kanth Shashi says:

    Peter is it enough , can I replace this instead of my thread mill cardio ?

  4. do i need to take care of my diet too if yes then what should i avoid to eat

  5. thanks bro.
    nice video, I can do this in my home

  6. I have started ur work out..it's very simple and effective.great work.
    only things I have is what should I eat before or after this workout.??

  7. Rita Tiwari says:

    I'm a 16 years old boy , is it okay for my chest & belly fat burn? not just okay I mean is it effective.

  8. Planks destroyed my shoulders… I LOVE IT!! LIKED!

  9. How much rest in between sets? Or its a super set?

  10. Bg Jimy says:

    Thanks I will try this ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Shaowolf247 says:

    Is this also good to do after a full body workout instead of 15 min cardio by jogging?

  12. ar dar says:

    i can do it every day or i have to rest 1-2 days and after start again ?

  13. it really hepled me to increased my chest size because of your work out tips. Thank you!

  14. So, cool. will be doing it tommorow onwards.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. This is amazing! Huge Thank you .

  16. islandBEEF says:

    #goodSTUFF will try this out on Sunday.

  17. Pretty cool workout . I will definitely try this .keep uploading such amazing workout videos

  18. Mr. Perfect says:

    sir how I can increase my chin-ups strength.

  19. is the straight arm plank or on elbow plank more effective?

  20. Is this exercise good for any body type? I'm currently 233 pounds but I've lost 87 pounds so far just changing my eating habits in a few years. Now I'm looking to get back into a daily routine, thanks for the videos. Stay well

  21. can shows us some barbell workouts for fat burning

  22. how to do the push up perfectly

  23. Diwas Gamer says:

    it is good for kids or teenage Na?

  24. Fresh Snow says:

    Will definitely give it a go ๐Ÿ‘

  25. Ayush Jain says:

    awesome bro ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

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