Cardio Workout Ideas For Beginners

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29 Responses

  1. Nice workout,I should tryouts

  2. Im so happy its good to change things up…i get bored so easy…however im not creative im so glad. And great ful..that u jen heward take the time to do this for us..💋💋

  3. Love the red hot chili peppers song in the background in the beginning! Y'all have got good music tastes 🙂 I'd work out there!

  4. Random question… what's the name of the song that's playing in the background at 1:10? 😅

  5. Love your vids keep up the good work. Thanks

  6. Rachel Marie says:

    This has been the most helpful video i've seen.

  7. Danial khan says:

    I feel weird doing these kinds of exercises in gym 😣

  8. Neha D says:

    i have started going gym lately but i found out that i dont have much stamina to perform all this..what should i do to increase stamina..i m on vegan diet..please help me..

  9. LANA PIPKINS says:

    Good stuff, Jen! Thanks for breaking the terminology down. I never knew what plyos meant/were.

  10. I downloaded the app you recommended and its so helpful!!!!!!!!! Its like working out with you right next to me !! Yall should get the app, its lit

  11. yes it was very very helpful , thank you! 🙂

  12. A Hjj says:

    I feel really self conscious in the gym like everyone can tell I'm a novice does any one else experience this

  13. Which is a better temperature to workout in, heat or cold? Heat you're obviously sweating more, but in the cold, your body is using your stored fat more rapidly to keep warm. I only figured that from I was working in a freezing cold parking garage for a couple weeks in the winter, and when I ate, I was warm again

  14. Тhis prоduсt is awеsоoоmе. I gainеd wааааууу morе musсlе mаss ааааnd rеduсеееd bodу fаt fаster than any оthеr protein suррррlеmеnt I'vе triеd befоrе in thе раst =>

  15. Do you need to do all of these exercises in one workout?

  16. Karol Moreno says:

    benny benassi playing in the background.

  17. Hi Jen and everyone!
    just want to know if I can do plyio or HIIT training without warming up or doing threadmill or so for a week or more? I stopped exercising for more than 6 months and now weighing about 180 pounds (from 220 pounds), I'm just a bit worried that I might get injury or what in doing this but I would absolutely want to try this. thanks very much for your replies! Love you Jen!

  18. Lol I wish you could be my trainer.

  19. Bunny Jenny thank you for being all the way with me in my amazing fitness lifestyle, please can you do workout planing video !!!

  20. I don't want to pry but what kind of bra do you have on ? Looks to be helpful when you workout to get the "girls " out of the way of the arms. Love your videos, you should bottle and sell that energy ! Love

  21. clairemcm3 says:

    i like the work out but how id this for beginners??

  22. My bladder cannot handle that much jumping (and don't say kegels, they're not the end all be all of bladder fixes). Is there modifications or something else you would recommend that doesn't require Depends?

  23. chckn nggt says:

    omg this bitch runs so fast when will i ever

  24. I am so glad I found your channel. This video really help me alot. Thank you.

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