Kelli’s Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Max Calorie Burn Workout with no Equipment

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50 Responses

  1. This is crazy. I will never ever let me fat again😵😵😵

  2. AZ Rinna says:

    done 4days.. after day 2 damn! body pain.. rest for 3 days bcus of monthly mens then continue 2 days.
    " more water + 1 cup hot coffee every morning after bfast+ 1 glass hot honey lemon 2 hours after lunch + 2 hours after dinner then i do my exercise. now 10min is not enough i add more but differnt 10+10min exrcs. pls join me😊😊😊 ⬇60kg back to 52kg⬇💪

  3. Lucero Leyva says:

    This is one my favorite work outs. I go through 3 full body work outs incl a 5 min but work out and this is my last one for the day. im dead! just wish it counted the calories were burning like some of your other work outs.

  4. I did this after a heavy meal.. And now i feel weird…

  5. Short but such an intense workout! I was basically dead after each round 🙂

  6. That was easy and awesome lol

  7. this is to fast I'm to fat for this

  8. The way she moved is so beautiful. 😉

  9. why cant i view the video? or any video from youtube for that matter?

  10. I did this twice through and I'm completely dead! such a great workout

  11. sky lar says:

    i just did this because i was feeling an anxiety attack creeping in ( i can't breath properly ) and it helped so much so thankkssss

  12. Marie Sandro says:

    I've done turbo fire, insanity and p90x but Fitness Blender workouts beat them all! Love Fitness Blender.

  13. sakthi thiru says:

    does anyone know if this helps with abs and losing belly fat?

  14. 181216 workout complete

  15. L Family says:

    It's after the 7 minute mark that I start to lose balance, have uneven breathing and get super sweaty. So I try to tell myself just 4 more minutes, you can do it!!!

  16. chris imnida says:

    how many calories does this kickbox burn thanks!!!!

  17. I didn't expect to be so freaking dead after this 😭😭 5 mins in im screaming Kelly u are dead im going to use these kickboxing moves on u but great workout i love u Kelly and Dave 😂😂❤💀

  18. HCXWJ says:

    thanks worked well very good will try again yes yes

  19. Georgia Kate says:

    Great easy 10 minute warm up, Thank you guys!

  20. "Make sure you are completely dead after every one of these rounds." That made me laugh lol

  21. i dare a bitch to tell me these people arent agents of Christ the messiah! ALL THESE VIDEOS FOR FREE??! they put so much work in it for ussss omg I LOVE THEM

  22. Mary Elkhair says:

    Awesome! Thanks Kelli 🙂 I'm gonna go beat someone up now with my new moves 😛 haha jk

  23. lenaniful says:

    id like workout wit u 🙂

  24. Kerry Bird says:

    first time doing this one as i normally do the 30 min kickboxing one but i love this one aswell and only 10 mins went by really quick and still sweating : )

  25. Yooinn Hong says:

    So good! Love your kickboxing workouts!

  26. more kickboxing videos please!

  27. Karl Delgado says:

    I love doing this especially when I'm mad at someone. Pretending I'm punching and kicking them.

  28. gale monifah says:

    this is awesome..i used it to warm up..i feel great..thanks fitness blender!

  29. How many calories do you burn with this workout?

  30. Sophia Evans says:

    wow this was incredible. I added it onto a 45 minute full body toning tabata HIIT. As I had a lot of remaining energy after eating so much the other day haha. I could still do more. Love this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  31. 윤서림 says:

    i love this. i do work out while realieve stress as well! please do more boxing work out!!

  32. best work out I love it more kickboxing videos THERE SOOO FUN

  33. Abigail C says:

    I really like those shoes what are they called?

  34. I'm dying; it's too early in the morning for this D:

  35. please do more kickboxing cardio videos! 🙏

  36. Love this workout so much!!

  37. Hola Kelly!..muchas gracias a todo el equipo que hace posible estas rutinas que me encantan para realizar cómodamente en casa.Saludos desde España!!

  38. about how many calories does this burn?

  39. healogix says:

    Wow i just burned 264 cal…. but i feel like 1000 cal… fav routine…

  40. I'm looking for a cardio workout to help assist me in getting my weight down; This looks fun and I like the moves I'm gonna try it.

  41. DinoLife2007 says:

    Wow…such a fun workout! My arms can feel it…thank you!

  42. zaria gulley says:

    how many calories did the wrokout burn ?

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