Women’s Home Leg and Butt Lifting Workout!

Heres a great home butt and leg workout you should try. You can do it every day if you’d like. This workout will help lift and firm your butt and tone your legs. It can be done at home or the gym and you can even add weights, like a barbell or dumbbells to make it more intense.
Deep Squats
Curtsy Lunge with a Barbell
Deep Hop Squats
Side Step Lunge
Hopping Squats; wide, medium, and close

Repeat this 2-3x for a killer lower body workout

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27 Responses

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  2. Mayra Lopez says:

    where can I get one of those bars

  3. ide love to lay beneath you while u worked out, them lovely legs and feet and your awesome ass! 😉

  4. The Brosoro says:

    i like her veiny feet, i would lick them good.

  5. Great way to build your muscles using only bodyweight. The body is an amazing thing! Proper form and technique as well as eating proper clean foods make the world of difference. Thanks for the video!

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  7. sooooooo boring 😴😴😴😴

  8. K Family says:

    heart is racing legs, are burning. mission accomplished

  9. Attention miss your left ankle turns alot inside could hurt your knee

  10. I don't have a bar rack so imam use my curtain rack lmaoooooooooo

  11. Selena Luicy says:

    Hello People ?How Much Time Does It Actually Takes To Have These Effects ?Someone Reply Please ?

  12. gets the heart pumping love the burn thanks

  13. thank u love,love,love it

  14. Omg… my legs just died…..

  15. i really really enjoy this video i love the different types of squats as i was doing them i really felt the burns on my legs and hope to see more or your videos 😀

  16. my1ragdoll says:

    This really works well and you feel the burn right after the deep squats! LOVE IT

  17. was very good. i learnt many new styles. very clear instructions.

  18. Is this good if I want bigger legs?

  19. I was sent here by a friend. I have Ms and was looking for a way to build up the strength in my legs. Thank you!

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